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'The Exchange' Counselling Service

"The majority of troubled young people, when asked what would help them, answered ‘someone to listen to me’".

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC
Inaugural Children 1st Annual Lecture 2006

In order to provide additional support as identified above for our pupils we have linked with the LEA to provide a confidential counselling service available to any of our pupils who think it may help them.

All parents received a letter and a copy of the leaflet below explaining the service prior to its introduction in October 2009.

The focus of the service is to support the development of positive emotional health and well-being.


  • To offer a confidential counselling service to young people within our school
  • To improve and enhance the emotional well-being and mental health of our pupils
  • To provide another strategy for supporting vulnerable young people
  • To provide an accessible, equitable and flexible service  to meet the diverse needs and backgrounds of the young people in Dylan Thomas Community School

Counselling Sessions 

  • Counsellors are available on Thursdays and Fridays during lessons and operate a ‘drop in session’ during lunchtimes on those days. 
  • Counselling sessions will take place in the Careers Room near Sc. 3
  • A session will normally be 1 hour and take place during a lesson by invitation (It may sometimes be less according to need).                                                                
  • Counsellors will offer an initial package of 8 sessions to clients with a review at the end.
  • This does not mean counselling automatically stops at the end of the eight weeks but can be renegotiated on an individual case-by-case basis, which will include regular reviews.      

Various routes for referrals to the service

  • Self-referral
  • Head of Year
  • School /Home Liaison Person 
  • Pupil Welfare Support Team
  • Other Teachers /Other School Staff
  • Learning Support Team
  • Peers
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Referral forms are available from Head of Year

Types of Counselling

  • One–to–one
    One-to-one counselling is provided within a context of non-judgemental empathic support which is respectful and honest. 
  • Groups
    The counsellors may also facilitate group work with individuals identified by schools as having similar needs e.g. conflict resolution, bereavement/loss and friendship.
    It is important to recognise that the counselling offered to our pupils will really only be of value if each young person attends because they want to do it themselves.