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School Curriculum

At Dylan Thomas Community School the curriculum covers everything that is taught and learned at our school. This includes all activities that contribute towards the intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, moral and physical development of our pupils.

At Dylan Thomas Community School the curriculum has a clear focus on the process of learning and places the child at the centre of that process.

It is the school’s policy to keep the classes in which children are taught as small as possible.

Additional time is allocated for all pupils for the teaching of the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.

Pupils who experience difficulties in literacy are supported by staff from the Literacy Centre whilst sharing in the full curriculum provided for all in ways that match their individual needs and levels of development.


During the first three years, pupils study the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Technology, History, Geography, Welsh, Spanish, Art, R.E., Physical Education, PSE and Performing Arts (music and drama).

In Years 10 and 11 all pupils study English, Media Studies, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Welsh Bacc (including R.E.), Personal and Social Education, Welsh and P.E.

Additionally, pupils are able to choose four option subjects which include Art, Catering, Public Services, Performing Arts, Additional or Triple Science, Technology, Textiles and Physical Education.

In the teaching of the school curriculum, a range of methods are deployed, from formal, whole class teaching to group work and personalised learning, with the overriding aim of supporting our pupils towards attaining the highest level of individual achievement.

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Religious Education is taught throughout the school and follows the syllabus that is agreed through the Local Education Standing Advisory Committee (SACRE).  Parents have the right to withdraw their children from RE and Assemblies and should contact the Head teacher in order to do so.

Assemblies and Collective Worship play an important role in developing the personal, social, moral and spiritual qualities of our pupils and we therefore plan them with due care.  Whole School and Year Assemblies are planned into our annual cycle and our themes are planned with sensitivity to the cultures and faiths that are represented in our school. A school prayer has been composed by pupils at our school which is as follows;

Dear God / Lord / Allah,
We thank you for our school
and pray that it may be
a place where we can make the most
of each opportunity.
Sometimes things go wrong
though I know I must be strong.
But then again life is a test
in which we all must do our best.
In everything we say and do
we make this prayer a thanks to you.

This prayer is read during the collective worship part of assembly each day.