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Languages Faculty

Cyfadran yr Ieithoedd  |  Faculte des Langues  |  Facultad de Idiomas

Welcome/ Croeso/Bienvenu/ Bienvenido... to the Languages Faculty.

In this Faculty, you have the chance to study Welsh, Spanish and French over the five years.  You are given the chance not only to become really confident in understanding and communicating in at least two other languages, but also to immerse yourself in new cultures.

You study Welsh and Spanish at Key Stage 3, with some classes taking a little French in Y9.  You then take Welsh Short Course at Key Stage 4 and can also choose Welsh Full Course, Spanish GCSE and French NVQ Business. 

Who is in the Languages Faculty?

We have a team of enthusiastic, very experienced, dedicated language specialists:

Ms L Griffin: Head of Faculty – Spanish and French

Mr L Tebay: Welsh

Mrs K Ebden: Welsh


Methodology and Resources

We are committed to providing a very structured but challenging environment for our pupils, in class rooms which display very helpful and constructive language displays.   We have developed a grammatical approach to language learning, while also implementing the 8 Reading Behaviours to boost Literacy levels.  We also believe strongly in language lessons being about communication, creativity and openness to other cultures.  We have a Faculty reward system for spontaneous use of Target Language in the classroom.

We use very up to date resources, interactive software and provide constantly updated booklets that can be taken home to boost language learning.

We are very lucky to employ a Spanish Language assistant, in conjunction with the British Council, whom we share with Bishopston Comprehensive.  We ensure that they work with as many classes as possible in all year groups and our pupils greatly enjoy working with a young, enthusiastic native speaker who can provide them with the latest slang phrases!

Extra-curricular Activities / Links with Outside Agencies

We work closely with Cilt Cymru, the Language teaching organisation for Wales.  We are currently involved in a Compact Project to boost employability amongst our pupils by continuing with a Language.

We have recently set up an Etwinning link with a school in France and Mrs Simons will be in charge of extending this to a number of Y9 classes.

We are also involved in the Swansea University/ Cilt Cymru “Adopt-a=student” scheme, whereby a student on their year abroad maintains digital links with our Y9 students and this is incorporated into lessons.

Our Faculty has created very strong links with Swansea Metropolitan University by mentoring a number of trainee teachers and our joint success rate in the securing of permanent teaching positions is extremely high.

Ms Sidorowicz leads the “cluster” group for our entire link Primaries in monitoring standards of work and levels at KS2/3.

We have arranged a number of extremely successful study trips to France, in conjunction with the Humanities Faculty and a partner school and hope to organise a further trip to Spain in 2014./5


Key Stage 3 – Spanish and French

This section of the website is specific to Years 7, 8 and 9.

  • What do we study in Y7?
  • What do we study in Y8?
  • What do we study in Y9?



Year Term Themes
7 Autumn

Surviving in the class room: greetings/names/ alphabet/ instructions/ items/ problems

Tener  - to have:

Ages/ animals/ family/ possessions/ feelings/ physical features

7 Spring

Ser – to be:

Countries/ nationalities/ birthdays/ jobs/ physical and character adjectives

Combining both key verbs to talk about:


7 Summer

Preparation for exams

TIME TABLE ROLLOVER- Start of Y8 syllabus: Gustar – to please

Giving opinions of: subjects/ teachers/ food/ sports/animals/ hobbies

8 Autumn

Present tense of all verbs in context of: Free time- sports/ hobbies/ where/ with whom/ when

Start of estar – to be: locations/ bedroom/ prepositions/ temporary feelings

8 Spring

Estar continued

Immediate future –holiday plans: locations/ transport/ accommodation/ facilities/ activities/ weather

8 Summer

Preparation for exams

TIME TABLE ROLLOVER - Start of Y9 syllabus: Surviving as a tourist: ordering food and drink/ numbers to 1000/ complaints/modal verbs

9 Autumn

Youth culture: combining all tenses/ pocket money/ fashion/ music/ dates/routines

Life choices: jobs revisited/ career choices/ Options/ Why Languages?

9 Spring

Preparation for exams

Past tense: what happened last weekend/ night/ holidays/ holidays from hell/ Cluedo

All tenses combined



** In Y9, sets 1,2,3 have time set aside for an introduction to French NVQ Level 1.  By the end of Y9, all pupils will have had an opportunity to try out a mini module in this very exciting Business course, with a view to continuing it at Key Stage 4.

For further details on NVQ French, click here.


Key Stage 4

For details of the GCSE Spanish syllabus, click here.


Key Stage 3


  Year 7 Year 8  Year 9
Autumn Term

All about me

The weather

School life

Daily routines


Spring Term

The body


Home, Family life and pets



Summer Term

Developing reading skills

The World of Work




Key Stage 4

Click here to read about the Welsh Short Course and Full Course.

To help your child progress at home:

We recommend that you use the following sites to help your child progress even further in their languages and become more independent: